Exploring Extreme Terrain on Your ATV Is Easy with a Reversaroller Attached to a Winch

Extreme ATV winching with Reversaroller

Safe forward descent using Reversaroller

With Reversaroller you would not be here.

Reviews of Reversaroller ATV Winching Accessories

Anybody who’s ever been stuck beyond hope and, thankfully, had their hide saved using a winch knows the importance of this versatile device for working or hanging out in the backcountry. Adding another dimension of functionality, the innovative Reversaroller is a simple device that allows a front-mounted winch to pull your quad rearward. Adding this product is less intense (and less expensive) than adding an auxiliary winch hook-up in the rear of the ATV and likely has uses we haven’t even considered. With the added confidence and winching versatility, we found ourselves charging into the rock crawl sections without fear.” –ATV Magazine, July/August 2011
“With the Reversaroller installed, we were able to explore some uncharted territory at our favorite ride spot. Trails that have terrain too steep for quads became accessible. …the product has rescued us from a mud pit, a deep water crossing and has also helped out several other quads in our riding group. The Reversaroller is a product to get excited about. It is of very high quality construction and serves a purpose not only to extend our trail exploring, but also adds a safety factor to all our trips.” (Read the full article in our product review section.) –Dirt Wheels Magazine, January 2011

Steep Terrain can Stop your Exploring (sometimes with damage and injury)

I’ll bet you love exploring extreme terrain on your ATV just as much as we do. Although I think I know the limits of my experience and my machine, the great outdoors can throw the unexpected at me. I know when the trail gets too steep, it’s time to use Reversaroller so I can ride another day. For many the temptation to continue unassisted is often too great …
And this video shows what can happen.

There is a safe solution for steep terrain…..
Don’t do dangerous descents without Reversaroller!

14 Benefits of Having Reversaroller Attached to Your ATV Winch

  • Doubles the usefulness of your ATV winch
  • Increases available options to winch out of bad places
  • Assist someone else behind you without having to turn around
  • Be the EMT-Prepared to help yourself or others (Rescue Winching)
  • Be better prepared for the unexpected on new terrain
  • Winch forward down a steep section of trail (forward descent winching)
  • Retreat from dangerous steep terrain
  • Safely test swift or deep water crossings
  • Reduce the possibility of personal injuries or damage to your ATV
  • Add an additional element of safety to your ATV excursions
  • Safer loading of ATV trailer
  • Quick release features allow for easy setup
  • Save money (less expensive than buying a new ATV)
  • American Made for quality and reliability

Need to Winch Down Steep Terrain? Anchor a Winch Cable BEHIND Your ATV with Reversaroller

At Reversaroller, we found the solution. We designed a device that allows us to effectively use our front winch cable behind our ATV. We call it… Reversaroller.

Reversaroller Rear Link / Cable Guide allows you to use just one anchor point.


Equipped with a removable extension arm, Reversaroller attaches to the front winch mount with the ATV winch cable running under the ATV and through a link at the back to prevent flipping over.

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